• Infusion process & Tg sensor development

Infusion process & Tg sensor development

Written by R&D | April 15, 2015

Working with students of Inholland!

In corporation with students of Inholland, the University of Applied Sciences, the by Twenco new developed process monitoring sensor has infused in a composite test plate.
With a Twenco Composite Sensor affixed under the surface of mould shell, it is possible to measure contactless all stages of the infusion/injection process.
As part of the Composite Robotica project, students infused the new Twenco developed sensors in a glass Epoxy test plate. Which can be used for further behaviour measurement of the infusion process.
During the infusion all stages of the process could be real time monitored by the sensor.

From vacuumizing the glass package, infusion speed, decompression and the gelling process, up till final Tg.

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