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Consultancy for Composite Products and Processes

Based on many years of experience Twenco has developed a vision on how design can be transferred to serial production.

How molds and tooling and production plants should be laid out to get Output, Cost and Quality in control.

Molds, Tooling and Proto Typing.

Twenco offer a complete support and execution of the entire production process for composite parts. With the capability to manufacture molds and tooling for a production line, to produce the first products, including static and dynamic testing. The proto typing provides an opportunity for the training of customer’s core manufacturing crew. The elements of the MT&P scope typically are:

- Mold Design.

The mold designs, together with the production strategy are integrally linked to the structural design of the composite product. The aim here is to design for the highest quality with narrow tolerances, as well as process productivity.

- Process Design and Tooling Supply.

The design of the manufacturing process is very important for the final product in terms of cost and quality. Twenco can provide a process design that is focused on “first time right”.

This includes the generation of a QA documents throughout the process that will allow a complete backtracking into the entire manufacturing process of each individual product, including raw materials. This element also contains the complete process documentation to the standards given by the customer.

- Mold Manufacturing.

Molds ready delivered or produced either at your own production facility or in a third party facility.

With integrated Heating, Vacuum and Process control.

- Proto Typing.

At the same facility where the mold is build we can produce, together with the manufacturing core team, the first proto type products. We provide an opportunity for the production crew to get trained on the specific details of the product/process.

- Testing.

Proto type testing, on functionality and structural behavior.

Small & Medium scale process and material testing.

Material testing to get Certified Approval.

Investigation of best to use materials or production method and machinery.

- Production

Operational experiences provide expertise for layout, organization and start up.

Support in many different ways: Technical and quality assistance, Trouble shooting, Continuous Improvement, etc

- Production auditing, Quality Assurance.
When production is outsourced to a third party, Twenco can be there to watch over the customer’s interests from the perspective of quality.

- NCR Helpdesk Support.
Engineering and Technology support for the resolution of Non Conformities, as they occur in the process.

- Training of Production Personnel.
Often at new factories, production crews have to be introduced to the production of new composite products. As manufacturing is still a relatively manual process, the training of personnel is a very important factor in the overall outcome.

- Cost Estimates and Investment Proposals.
To estimate the Capex and Opex cost to use in the business plan. Twenco has the expertise in the business planning of composite manufacturing, we help you to start production.


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