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Data Handling

Shop Floor Data Handling

Clear information exchange between various applications that are necessary for effective and optimal factory utilization.

  • Twenco offers a wide range of shop floor automation solutions
  • We let your equipment report what is measured and in process
  • Connect your shop floor data to any ERP platform
  • Maximum integration, control and traceability
  • Plant Automation
  • Cost efficient, minimize the need of personnel
  • Custom Software Applications
  • Transfer to your quality system and storage of historical data

Control hard- and software in heating, mixing, vacuum, machining, balancing processes etc.
Our tool system interacts with PC, PLC, BUS & Graphic programs.

  • ISA95 (MES) handshake to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software

Allowing the process to be fully automated and controlled from the computer, minimizing the need for personnel.
Reaching the highest efficiency and therefore reducing operating costs. Twenco applications helps their customers obtaining the Quality Certification and Control.

Shop floor information

If you don´t know what happens during production. How can you get it in control?

Product:Data Handling

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