Electric Power Consumption Management

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It's never critical, it's always in control.

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Electric Power Consumption Management

The Electrical Power Management (EPM) System is designed to monitor and control the total power consumption of a factory.

Automatic control after grid shut off and Generator start-up.
It will warn in case of overload and can manage all factory processes.

It automatically give priority on those processes that are critical on the moment of limited power.

For example in case of low power you can give priority on the Vacuum Infusion Process;
  • Mixing equipment
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Mold pre-heating

And switch off other processes or slow down mould heating.

Mold Heating Power Consumption.
Or in case several molds are heating you can reduce the power each mould or individual processes.
Final curing could has for example, a higher priority than pre-curing.

Unlimited options and combinations.

Power to the limit

Reduce peak power. Know exact the process power consumption!

Product:Electric Power Consumption Management

If you know the power consumption, you can control it.

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