Heating Technology

Electric heating in control

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Heating Technology

Heating composite products requires absolute temperature control.
  • To prevent exotherms.
  • Minimize the production time.
  • Overheating protection under all conditions.
  • Resisted against Electric Static Discharge during demolding.
In combination with the Twenco sensor technology, to monitor the in mould product curing process, the production time can be significant reduced. The modular heating system can be easy extended from a few Watt single channel, up till unlimited channels Mega Watt power system. Twenco will introduce a new product range at the JEC-World exhibition in Paris.
Some product functionality highlights:

Heating module (4 heating zones)
  • Input
    • 8 Thermocouples (2x4 hardware redundancy)
    • 4 Current sensors
    • 4 Max temperature sensors (clixon)
  • Output
  • 4 Heating zones ON/OFF or PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
  • Data RS485
Controlled Power module (1 heating zone) Extandable to an unlimited number of zones
  • Input
    • 24...440 VAC, 1 or 2 phase
    • 2x1 Thermocouple type J, K, T, E, PT100, PT1000
    • 1 Max temperature sensor (clixon)
  • Output
    • 1 Heating zone 24...440 VAC (equal to input) 10 Amp max.
  • Data RS485
  • Automatic load maximum current limitation
  • Actual current consumption monitoring
Communication module
  • Input: Data RS485
  • Output: Ethernet/USB
  • Communication watchdog timer
  • Safety circuit I/O function
  • 3 independent I/O functions

when quality counts

Product:Heating Technology

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