Wind Blade Balancing

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Wind Blade Balancing

Twenco weight terminal for static balancing of a wind turbine blade.
Balancing in a set of 2 or 3 blades or equal to a group of blades.
Available for any type of blades, from small up to MW class.

Measured and calculated data can be stored in an archive on the local PC or transferred to a central server.

Different blade types (diameter/length/contour) can be balanced on the same weight terminals.

  • Now available with automatic blade length position detection.
  • Root lifting function.
  • Easy storage of data for archiving.
  • Big colour screen for easy operating.
  • Report functions.
  • Free programmable number of blade types and the applicable setting for example;
    • Number of balancing trays and their position(s).
    • Max balancing mass for each balancing tray.
    • Calculation sequins of trays.
  • Weight terminals can be adjusted  to any Geo location in the world without recalibration.
  • ISA95 (MES) handshake to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

Wind blade balancing process description.

Due to the simple to operate software interface, weighting of the wind blade and storage of the data is an easy to do one person job. With the automatic length positioning measurement option. No manual action is required.

Just place the blade in the terminal, lower it valve controlled automatic in the weight terminal and follow the steps on the screen.
After measuring the blade weight and position the data is stored. You can create a set of blades any time from the data archive menu.
A balancing report can be print out. You get a advise in witch blade and in witch balancing chamber(s) balancing mass has to be added.

Data from each unique blade number, set or group of blades is stored in a blade balancing data archive. You can track any time the balancing data by a blade number or set number. Search functionality on different search keys for data clustering and trend analyses.
Twenco wind blade balancing equipment is available for any blade type.

Based on prooven technoligy we deliver custom made blade balancing equipment for MW class turbine blades. Any weight any size.

High volume blade production balancing equipment. Balance any blade type on the same weight terminal. Different root diameter, blade lengt or earodynamic design. It will always fit. Easy program menu structure for any blade type

Balancing equipment for small wind blades. When production volume and quality counts it´s time to get it in control. We offer standard based blade balancing equipment, custom made according your needs.


Twenco has a complete range of wind turbine rotor blade balancing equipment. Always the actual balancing data available in production and in the field. Easy to operate software with track and trace on blade and rotor number.

Product:Wind Blade Balancing

Standard blades any type

Standard or custom made

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