Blade root saw & drilling machine

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Blade root saw & drilling machine

The Twenco saw and drilling machine is designed to avoid human influence during alignment or machining. All process steps are automatic operated and in control, resulting in reduction in alignment time and errors. The blade is positioned in his supports and the machine is moving. Sawing, milling, axial and radial drilling functions. Standard or custom made machines for circular or elliptical drilling.
T-Bolt (axial and radial drilling).
Bonded Bushing (multi axial drilling), including final milling of the bushes. Circular machining:
      • CT8016 Bolt Circle Diameter 800 up to 1600mm.
      • CT1423 Bolt Circle Diameter 1400 up to 2300mm.
Circular and eccentrically machining:
      • CT2334 Machining Bolt Circle Diameter up to 3400mm.
      • CT2360 Machining Bolt Circle Diameter up to 6000mm.
Some highlights:
    • Up to 2 simultaneously Saw/Mill functions
    • Up to 4 simultaneously Axial/Radial drill functions
    • Automatic blade centering
    • Automatic BCD adjustment
    • Milled surface flatness and drilled hole position scanning
    • High precision absolute measurement on all movements
    • Powerful direct drive machining
    • Big colour touch screen, easy to operate.
    • Speed control on drills and all slide movements.
    • Easy control and adjustment of process.
    • Local automatic dust extraction.
    • Adjustable standard tool connection.
    • Safe start-up mode after power failure.
    • Emergency brake during power failure to hold drill position.
    • Internet pug-in for remote service and maintenance to reduce service costs.
    • MES handshake to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.
    • Patented technology.

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Product:Blade root saw & drilling machine

BCD800mm up till BCD1600mm

BCD1400mm up till BCD2300mm

Standard up till BCD3400mm. Custom made up till BCD6000mm

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