Sensor Technology

Twenco sensor

Highest sensitivity & resolution

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Sensor Technology

Twenco Sensor
Twenco developed a new Sensor Technology to monitor CONTACTLESS the behaviour of changes during the production of a composite part.
Based on the measurement of Dielectric changes in a material or process.
For example, monitoring the total Resin Infusion Moulding process;
  • Apply of vacuum (compression)
  • Start of the infusion process
  • Resin arrival moment at sensor
  • Resin travel speed and permeability
  • Reduction of vacuum (decompression)
  • Curing process from liquid to solid
  • Final curing in relation to Tg
The Twenco sensor can be integrated in new to build mould shells under the surface.
It is not necessary that there is direct contact with the product itself.
Measured signal can be direct integrated in the mould heating system.
Knowing what happens during the curing process makes it possible to reduce significant the production time, with a guaranteed Tg level.

For existing molds
A smaller Twenco sensor type is also available.
Depending on the mould structure, the sensor can be mounted in the shell and used as contactless resin flow arrival sensor and curing monitoring.

 Several new sensors are developed, for example to measure;
  • Carbon fiber curing
  • Resin mixing ratio
  • Resin curing
  • Material thickness
  • Degassing efficiency
  • Internal air pockets or delamination - NDT
  • Disturbances in material structure - NDT

Highest sensitivity & resolution

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