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Vacuum Equipment for Infusion

For Resin Infusion Molding you need vacuum for the infusion process.
This can be achieved by a simple vacuum pump.

However, the risk that something goes wrong is so high that process control is necessary.
Process control will result in a product with required quality and daily-uninterrupted production output.

Some highlights:

  • Based on mold size and process we can offer a custom made vacuum system.
  • Single or multi pump units.
  • Integration possibilities in Heating and Mixing process.
  • Dynamic vacuum reduction.
  • Single or multi mold operating.
  • Stand alone or operated in the control room.

The production of a composite part is mostly a combination of vacuum, resin mixing and heating.
Operators knowledge is needed on the shop floor to controlling these processes.
The harm risk is high and loss of time between the production steps is usual.

Twenco developed a vacuum system that is integrated with their Heating system and Mixing equipment.

Integration of these processes will minimize the risk and can save production time.

  • Low investment
  • Faster production
  • More integrated functions
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Shop floor space saving
  • Functionality in control room
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Storage of process data

Vacuum & Heating

Simply to integrate processes. Cost reduction in control.

Product:Vacuum Equipment for Infusion

Pressure make the differance. There is always a solution to get it low.

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