Welcome at Twenco!

Serving Composite Production Facilities Around the World.

Twenco has over 35 years of experience in building equipment for the production of large Composite Products.

With a National and International service network.

Our composite Industries
  • Aeronautics & Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction & Infastructure
  • Marine
  • Mass Transportation
  • Wind Energy

Composite Sensor technology / Dielectric Analyzer (DEA)
  • Process behavior sensors. Non electrically conductive materials
  • Process behavior sensors. Electrically conductive materials (Carbon).
  • DEA Non Destructive Testing

Composite Production Equipment
  • Electric Mould Heating and control
  • Blade root Saw and Drilling machines. Now, up to 5500mm root diameter
  • Rotor blade Balancing
  • Mould turning and handling
  • Software to convert all shop floor data in your  ERP system
  • Factory Power consumption management

Twenco is looking for local business partners around the world.
With respect to a long term client relationship and excellent service.

If your core business is in the composite and/or wind energy market, this can be an opportunity to enlarge your product portfolio.

Interested? Please send an email with your company profile to info@twenco.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with in the subject; business partner.

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