With more then 40 years experiance, Twenco is Serving Composite Production Facilities Around the World. Building equipment for the production of composite products. Developing and producing process monitoring measurement equipment and automated systems that help engineers solve the toughest production challenges.

• Aeronautics & Aerospace
• Automotive
• Construction & Infastructure
• Marine
• Mass Transportation
• Wind Energy

Process Measurement Equipment

Composite production Process Monitoring & Composite Welding Sensor technology / Dielectric Analyzer (DEA)
• Process behavior sensors. Non electrically conductive composite materials.
• Process behavior sensors. Electrically conductive composite materials.
• Dielectric Non Destructive Testing and Inspection (NDT / NDI).

Composite Production Equipment

• Electric Mould Heating and control.
• Blade root Saw and Drilling machines, up to 6000mm root diameter.