Material defect Analyzer

    A defect in a material will have a different dielectric behaviour. Errors like delamination and air pockets can be detected by non-contacting scanning the surface. This method is under development and not commercial released. In case you would like to know if it is also useable for your application please contact us.
    NDT / NDI Conductive Materials
    Due to the electrical behaviour of conductive materials it will result in signal damping while detecting material errors in depth. With sensors that transmit and also receive the to measure depth from one side, it is depending on the reflection damping, In carbon fibre a few mm. In case of sensors on both sides of the material it is possible to detect trough thicker material.
    NDT / NDI Non-Conductive
    As electrical signals can easy transmitted through non-conductive materials, we can detect errors in dept of a few centimetres.

NDT Dielectric scan

Material defect scan

NDT Dielectric mataerial scan

NDT scan

Dielectric deep scan