Input Output Power Controller The IOPC is an all in one Power Control device with direct connection of:
  • Main power input (18..420 VAC)
  • Load output 8 Amp (resistant load)
  • 2 Thermocouple inputs (redundancy)
  • 1 maximum temperature safety switch input (NC clixon)
  • Ethernet + RS485
  • Device power 12..24VDC
    This makes it very easy to set up a multi zone heating system. Just connect all the wires (by connectors) and plug in the device. Additional safety according local requirements like a main switch and RCD. Operated with a local PC or in the control room.
    A IOPC-Master can be used for a single heating zone, or can take control over an unlimited number of IOPC Slave’s. Of course for practical design reasons it will be limited to one control cabinet.